Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sexual Assualts against women

The international community has expressed outrage as the punishment of a rape victim, yes I said the punishment of a rape victim, was increased from 90 lashes to 200 lashes by the all superior court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The court imposed the Sharia law unto the "Qatif girl", a Shiite Muslim in a predominantly Sunni Muslim country. 

The incident dates back to 2006 when the then 19 year old girl, who was to be engaged, was found in a car with a young man as she was attempting to retrieve a picture of herself from him. She was guilty of being in public without the escort of a male family member. She and the young man were sexually assaulted by seven men. The male victim was also sentenced to 90 lashes. The sexual perpetrators were also given various sentences the greatest being 5 years in prison and 1,000 lashes.

The "Qatif girl's" sentence was increased to 2,000 lashes due to her lawyer, Abdul Rahman, known as a human right's activist, taking this case public.  This has raised the concern of various human rights organization's globally.

In Pakistan, the chaos of suicide bombings, devastating earthquakes and car bombings has set the stage for opportunistic sexual predators to unleash attacks on  girls as young as four and five years old.

The recent outcry in Pakistan started with a brutal rape of a 5 year old girl that had been abducted from a poor section of Lahore. She was brutally raped multiple times and her body was then thrown outside the Sir Ganga Ram hospital. She was in critical condition and had two surgeries as her life hung in the balances. The last report stated she was stable but still in intensive care.

Her family, devastated and outraged, took to the streets in protest. Social media also picked up the cause. This came as a surprise to Zohra Yousef, chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan who stated, “It is disturbing, but the rape of minors is not uncommon,”.  Sexual assault of women and minors in particular is widespread with an estimated 450 cases of minors being raped in Punjab Province in 2012. It is believed that this number is quite low as the victims do not report due to the stigma attached to the incident. These women are then in danger of honor killings by their family or the local tribal jirgas.

The justice system for rape victims is almost non-existent in Pakistan with only 3-4% of convictions reported. Until 2006 the burden of proof was on the rape victim who was to bring 4 male witnesses of the incident forward to prove her case. This is the a requirement of Islamic law. In 2006 these cases were removed from the Islamic courts and moved to the criminal courts. The police are poorly trained and the jirga, local councils and tribal elders will often pick up where the courts left off. In 2012 it is reported some 900 women were killed in honor killings in Pakistan.

Sept 12th a 5-year old girl was brutally raped multiple times, beaten and left for dead in Lahore.
Sept 14th an 8-year old girl was brutally raped is in critical condition in Kanjwani area of Faisalabad
Sept 15th a first year student brutally raped by 3 men from  Toba Tek Singh left in a graveyard
Sept 25th 13-14 year old school girl reported missing - her body found Sep 26th she was sodomized
Sept 26th 14 & 15 year old girls bodies were recovered in Gujranwala, they had been raped and shot 
Sept 26th a 4-year old girl was raped in a field in Gujranwala
Toba Tek Singh in critical condition
Kanjwani area of Faisalabad
Kanjwani area of Faisalabad
Kanjwani area of Faisalabad
Sept 27th a 7-year old girl was raped while walking home from tuition in Kotri, Jamshoro
Sept 28th a 6-year old girl was raped in the  Orangi Town area of Karachi

These assaults go on and on and seem never to quit. One of the doctors was quoted as examining one of the girls and saying she will be healed in two days times. Anyone who has ever suffered from a sexual assault knows that it takes a lifetime of healing. What is the best defense that we can provide for these women in these oppressive countries? Lift our Voice! We have the freedom to speak on behalf of these children. We have access to all the international presses. Share this information, Speak against the Unspeakable. Help bring light to the darkness that these children are subjected to.

We lift these little sisters up to you Father and pray that their bodies, minds and souls be touched with the healing touch that can only come from our loving heavenly Father.  We pray that you anoint them with the Balm of Gilead and bring peace to their spirits. We pray that you show us what we can do to bring light to this darkness. We pray that you will give us the avenues to bring justice to injustice and to speak against the unspeakable crimes that are happening to these innocent children. In Jesus Name Amen.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Silent Jihad

Not once but twice do we look into the faces of men, women and children poisoned by nerve gas. They lay dying in their homes, the streets, the make shift hospitals. They vomited and they go into seizures as they drift in and out of consciousness. Their pain is unimaginable as they are doused with water in futile attempts to wash the poison from their skin. Most will die. The remnant that does survive is faced with the grief of being the sole survivor of their family, their group of friends, their neighbors and even their whole village.

Even as these images of mass graves, predominantly of children, are televised across the world by independent film makers, the lies begin and proliferate throughout the mainstream media. These latest images are simply the punctuation mark of the greater than 100,000 loss of souls that have happened in Syria. That is an estimate as the words of a local Christian religious figure tells of being a witness to nine beheadings. Were these ever recorded?

 They tell their story because the stories being told in the media are not what are being witnessed. Christians in the towns of Aleppo and Homs are being murdered, raped, burned, beaten and essentially being exterminated. Muslims are dying too, neighbors that have lived together for thousands of years in some of the most ancient Christian settlements recorded. The odd thing was, the "murderous gangs" that were responsible were not known to the Christian community or the Muslim community. They were strangers, heavily armed, taking full advantage of an unspeakable blood bath. Despite these atrocities there is silence.

In Egypt Christians were crucified outside the palace of Mursi. Again the ancient foundation of the Coptic Christian was being exterminated by murderous gangs of men that live by the creed of a formidable fraternity. While chaos ensued in the latest coup, yes I called it what it is a coup, opportunist again moved in and burned, raped, beat and killed hundreds of Coptic Christians. These atrocities were also met with silence.

So many tragedies took place as of late to Christians on various pilgrimages; the train in Spain derailing and destroying the pilgrimage to St James festival, a bus crashes suddenly in Avellino, Italy killing all but 9 of the passengers as they were returning home from a pilgrimage to Padre' Pio's home, and closer to home a bus' brakes fail and overturns in Indianapolis as a youth group returns home from a Christian retreat in Michigan. The media, which are experts at drawing lines of conclusion together in other stories, totally misses the obvious common thread in these stories; Christians are being killed in horrific accidents. Again these facts are usually buried under an unspoken wall of silence.

Let's talk about the situations where the name of Jesus is to be given credit for averting tragedy. How about when the father who has been pronounced dead after 45 minutes of no heart beat returns to life after his son declares, "You are not going to die today dad". What they failed to report was that he declared this in the name of Jesus.  Or how Antoinette Tuff is hailed as a hero as she was able to talk down the troubled young man, Brandon Hill,  who was armed with an AK 47 and 500 rounds of ammo. What they failed to tell you was that Ms. Tuff, who offered herself as a human shield, was a faithful Christian who was armed with the name of Jesus and covered by the blood of the lamb, was also professing her love and faith to Brandon who was mentally ill and had not been taking his medication.  Two gaping holes of silence in these heart warming stories of determination and courage.

As the world is lulled into an apathetic state, the assault of silence continues; placing an x instead of Christ in the word Christmas, replacing Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays, replacing prayer in school with gender bender days, legislating that counselors can no longer be therapeutic at the risk of politically incorrect when a client seeks assistance in gender identity, and families that have friends over for prayer or Bible study now need legislative bound permits as the families down the street have double the attendance at their alcohol laden gatherings, without any legislative interference.

This is not a new thing. In Acts five the apostles were beaten and admonished NOT TO SPEAK THE NAME OF JESUS.  There is power in that spoken name.
40 And to him they agreed: and when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go.
41 And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name.
42 And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.

So let us return to the faces of the latest victims that are guilty only of professing the Name of Jesus, the dead men, women and children of Syria. While Washington, D.C., Britain, Russia and the rest of the world try to figure out what side to take and what cover story to tell, the silent Jihad marches on slaughtering our brothers and sisters in, Nigeria, about 12,000 Christians killed at the hands of the Boko Haram. Stealing our youngest sisters right out of their homes in Pakistan  to be wed to men as a recompense for someone else's sins, burning our churches in Orissa, India.

If we peer deeper we find even more disturbing evidence of these ruthless armies being manned by impoverished and orphaned little boys that have been abducted in such countries as Afghanistan, India, and multiple African nations. Who financially backs these armies? Who financially arms these armies? Are these the same armies of strangers that the Syrian Christian and Muslims claim are infiltrating their country as "murderous gangs"?  Again these questions are answered with seemingly silence. What these enemies do not realize is that the rivers of blood of the martyrs is rushing throughout nations and throughout the world with the echoes of the saints saying; .

.....How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? Rev 6:10

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Balm of Gilead... Children of Pakistan sold into marriage

I have recently come across some extremely disturbing information. I don't even know how to write about the atrocities that are taking place. There are horrific crimes happening to the little girls of the tribal regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Apparently, the girls are born and may be sold by their own families, may be demanded by men that prey on the girls walking to school, or may be a recompense of another person's crime. Girls as young as 5 years old, yes I said 5 years old are sold into the bondage of marriage of men of all ages.

The lives of these girls are marked and they live in unimaginable suffering, so much so that a psychiatrist in Lahore, Pakistan  Mohammad Ayub,  relates that he daily treats multiple young girls that are suffering from conversion disorder. The girls are not allowed to "speak against their husbands" so the psychological damage converts into physical symptoms including seizures, blindness and paralysis. The psychiatrist says he treats at least three to four girls daily suffering from this tragedy.

This link tells the story of  Nazia, who was determined to be wed at age 5 by the local jirga. The jirga is an assembly of local tribal elders.  Nazia was part of a recompense for the crime her uncle committed. Her uncle murdered a man in a land dispute and the jirga's sentence was his eldest brother's land,  animals and his 5 year old little girl. The parents were able to beg to keep their daughter until she was older, but most of these girls must be turned over by 13 and are pregnant with their first child by 14. 

Nazia is considered a swara. She is the disgraced family member sent to the family that was offended. She is to be the peace offering to make amends. All too often these girls become the target of abuse, being repeatedly raped by the men of the family. She is to be dressed in black and she has quit school due to the humiliation of  being called "the swara girl".

I was so disturbed by this story that I asked my friend Atif Raza who runs an orphanage in Pakistan what he knew of this practice. He confirmed that very sadly many girls suffer this fate. He blames the lack of education and poverty for these crimes against young girls. The girls are consider "a shoe". If the girls were allowed to be educated they would understand their rights, all the more reason for the girls to be antagonized while they walk to school. Hopefully, you remember the blog I wrote of young Malala who was shot in the head as she walked home from school. She has recovered and has become a powerful voice for the young girls of this region.

Atif Raza would like to build more Christian schools for the safe education of Christian and Muslim girls. He tells of a story in 2002 where two young Christian girls were kidnapped on their way to the public school which of course is Muslim as Pakistan is predominantly a Muslim nation. The Christians pulled their girls out of the school and they have not gone back since 2002.  The small minority of Christians need to be able to build their own schools where the "Muslim men will not eye the girls."

When the jirga decided that Nazia would be the recompense for her uncle's crime, they came into her house and took her out in the middle of the night. She says she did not understand what was happening but she knew it was not good. She cried and screamed and hung onto the threshold of  her door.

This reminds me of another story like this. It was in the Bible when the men of the Benjamin tribe had become so evil that they raped and "abused" a man's concubine all night. She crawled back to the porch and held onto the threshold until she died. When the men of the house came out they dispassionately told her to get up. When she did not get up they finally came to the realization that she had died, clinging to the threshold.  Judges 19:22-30

How many woman today die clinging to the thresholds of our churches? We see them coming in to the food pantries, outreaches, soup kitchens and maybe even sneaking into a service. They sit way in the back, trying to be invisible, not knowing what to expect but just hoping for a moment of safe haven. When I was in New York I literally saw a homeless girl that looked around thirteen, sleeping on the threshold of a church.

We cannot continue to ignore these things. The works of Jesus are to feed the hungry, bind up the broken hearted and to be a beacon of hope to our sisters and brothers. How can we help? We can pray, get the word out about these atrocities of young girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan, support organizations that are in these regions that are working to make a difference and do not ignore the obvious souls that require love, and healing in your own back yards. Do not withhold good gifts that you have been blessed with, you must reach out to those in need.
 Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?

If you are a women that has been abused, misused, forsaken, forgotten... whatever hurts have come your way, know that there is hope. There is a balm of Gilead for our daughters. Which means there is a soothing ointment of healing and peace that can only be given by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Feel free to contact your local church or outreach and/or you can contact me by email heidindixe@yahoo.com

God Bless, we are praying for you at Rachel's Heart.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pastor Lee's Life Giving Drop Box

As America has come face to face with their brutal reality of the horror of abortion, a Pastor in Seoul South Korea is changing his city's atrocities one little life at a time.

Pastor Lee-Jong rak was faced with his own brutal reality when his son Eun-man was born with a mammoth cyst on his head that had cut off the blood supply and left him severely disabled with cerebral palsy. In a society that still stigmatizes children with disabilities; Lee hid his child from his wife, Chun-ja, for his first month of life. Explaining to his wife that the child was very ill and transported to another hospital, Lee searched his soul and finally turned to God as to what to do. He  decided to fill his son's life with love for the few short months the doctors gave him to live. Now, twenty-seven years later, Lee and his wife care for their son who is body appears "broken" from contractures, needs frequent suctioning from his tracheotomy and is non verbal with only an occasionally sound made.  Their decision to defy the stigma of society is made  public through Eun-man's name which means "full of  God's grace."

As the debate in America rages on of the option of abortion for disabled children, and even more recently the option of euthanasia of handicapped individuals, the work of Pastor Lee in South Korea has saved over three dozen lives. Not only has Pastor Lee gave them the option of life, he has filled their lives with love, compassionately caring for these children as his own.

 Sarah Palin was called "selfish" and criticized for her choice to give a life filled with love to her son Trig who was born with Down's Syndrome, Sarah Palin tells how she called out to God during her pregnancy to "prepare her heart" for what was to come.   Now she proudly proclaims, God knew what he was doing when He blessed us with Trig.  America advocates the abortion of Down's Syndrome children as well as other developmentally disabled conditions. Siting the unaffordable health care costs that are incurred with a special needs child cause an unfair burden on society.

Pastor Lee lessens the burden on society by a simple solution... a baby box. It is a simple box lined with pink and blue blankets and a warming light attached to the outside his church. When someone opens the door to his box, a bell alerts them to the precious deposit made into his drop box. A baby, a baby whose mother has chose to give this baby a chance at life despite it's  special needs. While most babies that Pastor Lee takes in are special needs, some are not, they are simply deposited out of the desperation of a mother who doesn't know where else to turn.

Of course, no good deed can go without persecution. The government has criticized Pastor Lee's solution stating he has no formal training or licensing to run such an orphanage. They have even ordered Pastor Lee to close his drop box accusing Pastor Lee of encouraging parents to abandon their children. Pastor Lee was part of a committee that held a press conference in February of this year stating that a new adoption transparency law in Seoul was actually encouraging an increase in the abandonment of children. This new law requires mothers to register their children. The argument is that these undocumented drop offs of children make a dangerous precedent for those involved in illegal trafficking of children. This being understood, the government's time would be best spent going after the traffickers rather than going after Pastor Lee who is transparent in the love being given to the children that are in his care.

His work is being spotlighted in an award winning documentary"The Drop Box" inspired by a college kid, Brian Ivie, who read about Pastor Lee's work in the LA Times. He contacted Pastor Lee and his life has been forever changed. What a wonderful God we serve, who takes the simple things in life to confound the wise. 1 Co 1:27

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Jer 1:5

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blood of the innocents crying out goes unheard.

 As the Kermit Gosnell trial goes on in Philadelphia, the mainstream media continues to ignore what they would usually be all over. A gruesome, outright disrespect for the law and the incompetence of the local government to do as much as an inspection of the abortion clinic located in West Philadelphia at 38th and Lancaster. Planned Parenthood received numerous complaints and only encouraged those complaining to "report this to the department of health". The National Abortion Federation came and investigated. The did deny Gosnell membership, but did nothing to intervene in the horrendous conditions that they saw. These are findings of the Grand Jury Report filed in January of 2011.

The mainstream media continues to ignore the happenings in Philadelphia, but provided coverage of President Obama's speech to Planned Parenthood. President Obama made it a priority to spend 12 minutes speaking  to the Planned Parenthood conference. These were some of the points President Obama drove home:

1. States passing laws to restrict abortion have taken us back 50 years
2. North Dakota restricting your right to choose as early as six weeks, "most women don't even know they are pregnant at 6 weeks".
3. This President is going to fight right here with you [Planned Parenthood].
4. Ended his speech with God Bless you [Planned Parenthood], and God Bless America.

Never once did the President take the opportunity to condemn the atrocities being brought to light at the Gosnell trial.

Never once did the President bring up the word "abortion", rather he would say things such as young women in college having the right to choose when to plan a family.

1. Let's take a look at the states that have passed laws that in the President's opinion have taken us back 50 years.
      a. Alabama's Women's Health and Safety Act, introduced by state rep Sue McClurkin (R) has provisions that the Dr. running the abortion clinic have admitting  privileges at the local hospitals and that clinics operate at certain building standards. The Dr. needs admitting privileges in case anything goes wrong with the patient.  All hospital, and health care facilities that I know have certain building standards and health codes so I am not sure how this takes us back 50 years.

      b. Arizona has passed a bill making it illegal to do abortions at greater than 20 weeks. The controversy here is that the definition of 20 weeks starts at the last menstrual period, rather than other states starting point of "post-fertilization period". The state goes on to make it a criminal act to perform an abortion after 20 weeks, including loss of license. I think the Gosnell case should really shed light on the need for this requirement.

      c. Kansas as well has passed Gov Sam Brownback (R) bill that defined life as beginning at fertilization, placed restrictions on abortion providers from being allowed to furnish or provide literature to public schools and a requirement that abortion providers have to discuss fetal development and potential abortion health risks. This a a standard of every medical procedure.

     d. Arkansas passed the "Arkansas Human Heartbeat Protection Act" led by Sen Jason Rapert, making it illegal to have an abortion if a fetal heartbeat was detected. Opponents state that fetal heartbeat is detected by a trans-vaginal ultrasound probe. I remember first hearing all three of my sons heartbeats and not once was it by a trans-vaginal probe.  "I don't want to go back to when women used kerosene and clothes hangers because they didn't have a choice," Sen. Linda Chesterfield, D-Little Rock, told lawmakers. What an illogical argument is that? The point here is the detection of life by a heartbeat.

2. North Dakota was specifically called out after Rep Bette Grande championed "the most restrictive abortion bill", again detecting life by the presence of a heartbeat as soon as six weeks pregnant. President Obama some how justified his disregard of the argument of the presence of life by admonishing, “A woman may not even know that she’s pregnant at six weeks,”

3. The President took the stand of fighting with Planned Parenthood. Another line drawn in the sand without looking at both sides of the argument. 40 years have passed since Roe vs Wade and we know so much more about fetal development and the presence of  life. I would like to see Planned Parenthood at least take the time of day to review the most recent research. If there were not viable arguments the states would not be able to pass such legislation.

4.  God Bless you [Planned Parenthood], and God Bless America. God cannot bless what is cursed. The blood of innocents crying out brings a curse upon abortion providers and America. When the blood of Able was slain God spoke to Cain, And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground. Gen 4:10

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. Pr 29:2

Thursday, April 11, 2013

"It would rain fetuses"

     While the trial of Kermit Gosnell and several of his unlicensed health care workers unfolds in a Philadelphia courtroom, it goes unnoticed by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN or any of the main stream media. I don't hear any comment from Planned Parenthood. I don't hear any comments from the National Abortion Federation, NARAL Pro-Choice America or any of the other loudly liberal ladies who say they have the safety of women as their main motivation. No can weigh in on what the FBI investigating called the "house of horrors"?

      If these individuals and agencies truly cared about women and their reproductive rights then they would be as outraged as I am about this truth that has come to light. Women were herded in under the cover of night, drugged, left to give birth in urine and blood stained sheets and chairs, and when their babies were born alive their spinal columns were snipped to "ensure fetal demise".  The clinic workers who were not licensed, were trained  to "snip" the spinal column of any baby born alive, and administered medications that they weren't legally allowed to give. Women who did not give birth on their own were dangerously operated on by Gosnell. Women were reported to have ruptured uterus, perforated colons, became systemically infected or "septic" and many came away with new venereal disease.

      In the state of Pennsylvania it is illegal to perform an abortion past 24 weeks because the baby born after 24 weeks is routinely viable born under normal circumstances. Gosnell routinely preformed abortions on women in their sixth and seventh months of pregnancy. Gosnell would save the "bigger" babies to be done on Sunday's with only the assistance of his wife. All these records were kept off site and the truth of what happened on Sundays will never be known.

     The babies bodies would be disposed of or placed on display. The walls were lined with jars full of babies of various stages of gestation. There were jars full of babies' severed feet. Babies were placed in cardboard boxes and one worker testified that "It would rain fetuses".  When investigators finally raided the facility they recovered the bodies of 45 babies in bags, milk jugs, orange juice cartons and cat food containers. Some were found in the refrigerators and some were found in freezers.

     One of the babies found in the freezer was marked as the 19 week baby of Karnamaya Mongar. Mrs Mongar had come here only 5 months earlier from Nepal. She was given several doses of Demerol and eventually went into cardiac arrest. When the ambulance arrived they could not get to her because of the padlocked emergency entrance and the crowded office that would not give passage to the gurney. When she arrived at the hospital with a faint heart beat, her recovery was hampered by the reluctance or refusal of Gosnell and his staff to let the hospital know what she had been given. Mrs Mongar died. Her body could not be shoved into a shoebox, a milk carton or a cat food container. Her death finally cried loud the hideous abortions that were taking place at the bloody hands of Gosnell.

     Before Mrs. Mongar's needless death,  everyone turned their head. The Philadelphia Department of Health did not conduct the required health inspections even after receiving multiple complaints. The hospitals that received the women who required surgeries for the botched abortions were required by law to report this, but very few instances had been reported. Oh yea, the National Abortion Federation, they inspected the facility after Gosnell had applied for membership. Despite an unbecoming review of the filthy facility and a refusal of membership, the person who visited the clinic never reported the conditions to anyone else. The agency whose website boasts "Help ensure women have access to safe, legal abortion care," buried this hell hole's information. Knowingly allowing the "house of horrors" to provide anything but safe and legal abortions. Don't tell me you care about these women.
     The trial continues but will anyone hear the cries of the innocents? Does this 72 year old man not realize the blood that dripped from his hands continues to cry our from the ground. Our Savior hears the cries. Oh how I pray for these mothers that had to endure such poor counsel and poor care as they reached out in desperation to a man whose only interest was lining his pockets with the last bit of money they could scrape up to be given the right to snip the spinal column of their tiny babies that were born alive. These babies were moving and breathing for just a few short minutes. They were gasping but no oxygen was given. They were reaching out but they did not receive the arms of their mothers. Instead they were grabbed behind their heads and a pair of scissors was jabbed into their necks until their spinal cords were clipped from the "tree of life" in the base of their brain. Oh God forgive us for these unspeakable sins. Oh God forgive us for not hearing the cries of desperate mothers. Oh God forgive us for not hearing the cries of the blood as it shouts from the ground. Oh God how long will you withhold your wrath upon America? How long will you withhold your wrath from the Supreme Court which paved the way for this treacherous journey? Oh God how long??

And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? Rev 6:10

April 23, 2013 Update,

 Well the media covered this for about One day! Yes it became a horrible story that was "too hard to hear", for about 24 hours. Then more drastic stories of murder and mayhem such as the Boston bombing, the West Texas fertilizer plant exploding and the foiled Canadian train bombing have taken center stage.

But I for one will not allow this story to be buried. The testimonies include the fact that Gosnell "had a dispute with his medical waste company", and that is why he had no place to put the babies bodies. One of the unlicensed doctors admitted to delivering several babies alive and snipping their necks to "ensure fetal demise". Another assistant testified that she snipped at least 10 babies necks as well.

The defense lawyer, Jack McMahon, stated that these workers were mistakenly taking the babies movements as signs of life, that they were simply involuntary movements with the process of death. (I thought something had to be alive to have a process of death.) He felt that Gosnell was being unfairly held to Mayo Clinic Standards seeing that he was running an inner city clinic for the poor.  Really! Filthy urine stained and blood stained chairs and sheets and dead babies bodies stacking up is the standard of an inner city clinic? No, as a registered nurse I can tell you that is unacceptable by any standard.

Currently the defense lawyer has delayed the trial, as he has went to the hospital for tests! He was suppose to start a defense for these unimaginable crimes committed by his client on Monday.

Meanwhile the Jodi Arias trial gets exclusive HLN coverage, including her ridiculous courtroom antics. Philadelphia renders up an excuse that the Gosnell trial is not receiving coverage due to not allowing cameras in the courtroom and a gag order on the attorneys.

I would rather argue, that road blocks have never stopped the media before and rather this information is in conflict with and would  serve as a black mark on the pro choice agenda of the media. How hypocritical, when they base their whole pro choice argument on the safe options for women's health. This is why the agencies refused to as much as investigate the multiple complaints including 46 lawsuits that have come against Gosnell.

I will continue to try to keep my readers and my prayer warriors updated on this trial of the "House of horrors".

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wars and Rumors of Wars

I cannot fathom the horrors of war. I don't think anyone can. Not until you are dropped into a battlefield in a foreign land can you understand the depths of evil that human beings can bring upon each other. Yet we are surrounded by war, Syria, Palestine, North Korea, Afghanistan, Congo, Uganda, Iraq, Somalia and closer to home the gang wars in Chicago, LA, the USA/Mexico Border, closer yet to home the tragedy of the homeless, the overwhelmed foster systems, the bloodshed of the unborn.

The blood cries out, the sands are stained crimson as the life pours out. The DNA of humans permeates the soil as unsuspecting men's foot steps trod over  silent screams. How can this be when we have been instructed to love one another? When we have been instructed:

If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? I Jn 4:20
I listen to the news nightly as over a hundred children are killed every year in Chicago, This statistic has held steady year after year, mayor after mayor, law to monitor guns, laws to out law guns, nothing has stopped the blood shed in the Chicago streets. The city that I was born in. This was spotlighted when just a little more than week after being invited to the White House Hadiya Pendleton died of a gunshot wound just a block away from the President's Chicago Home.

I learned to look into the eyes of the homeless when I first met my father. A slight man, barely over a hundred pounds, with matted hair down to his waist and an equally matted beard that reached his bellybutton, stared at me from his hospital bed. Stared at me with the same signature blue eyes that I had caught people off guard with all my life. Yes this was my father and instead of looking away I looked deeper to understand the harsh life of homelessness on the beaches of California.

I listened to Pastor Richard, who lived through the regime of Idi Amin in Uganda. He led a godless assault against the Christians for 8 years 1971 - 1979 taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of Christians.

I listened to Pastor Sami Naik tell of the assault the Hindus led on the Christians in Orissa, India on Christmas Eve of 2007. Pastors were killed in the streets so others my fear, women were raped, churches were burned. Years of work were destroyed in one evil night.

Motivated by the hate of the Christian religion, both Hindu and Muslims shed the blood of Christian brothers and sisters. Those same brothers and sister sit under the altar of God and say;
....How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? Rev 6:10
When will it all end??? When will I turn on the TV and not see death, disease and destruction?
Unfortunately,  the Bible tells me that I will continue to hear of wars and rumors of wars;

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. Mt 24:6
See that you be not troubled..... how do you do that? How can you not be troubled?  I am troubled and God help me to quiet myself before the Lord. Have you seen the horrific scenes of the men, women and children that have been killed in Syria? How can you not be troubled? God I am crying out to you to settle me because I am troubled. My eyes fill up and over flow with tears. I cannot hear of the suffering on the shores across the world and shut up my bowels of compassion.  I cannot see the needs of the orphans and widows in Pakistan and turn away my ear from hearing. I cannot pass another homeless person and wonder if they have a child looking for their parent like I was. Lord you must hear our cries, Lord you must comfort our hearts, Lord come quickly......

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tears fall down for our brothers and sisters of Pakistan

   When I turned the computer on this morning and I saw the burned out churches and homes of the Christian people of Pakistan, my heart sank. This is reminiscent of the Christmas Eve morning when  I knew instantly to pray about something. Later we received the heart breaking news that 25 churches that took  Solomon Rout's lifetime to build in India were burned in one Christmas Eve Muslim raid. Pastors were killed by the sword in the streets and Christians fled to the jungles. It took over a year in refugee camps to return to some state of safety.

     Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all        nations for my name's sake. Mt 24:9

This morning the ashes were of the Bibles of the Churches in Joseph Town, Pakistan. The tears were of the women and children as they cried for their homes, their belongings and such simple necessities of food and water. 

Here in a American we have not yet  had to face persecution to this extent, but it is so imminent.
We are still blessed to get up with the right to choose every day if we want to visit a house of worship or not. We are still blessed to be able to worship Christ without the fear of being imprisoned, beaten, have our belongings burned or to have our families or selves be put to death.

The news has reported it as a brief story in passing or as ticker tape at the bottom of the screen but that does not capture the grief, or the stench of the burning ash piles, or the fear of more attacks.

With such a blessing comes a responsibility.
Children sifting through the Ashes

      But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him? 1Jn3:17

We have corresponded with Evangelist Atif Raza for over a year now. His orphanage at Passion of Christ Ministries is supported monthly by Rachel's Heart as part of our mission. He was divinely placed in the midst of this tragedy to report to us the persecution of that our brothers and sisters are undergoing at the hands of the Muslims.  It is up to us to respond with compassion not only with prayers but with money.

What would you do if after spending a night underground you came back to ashes, no shelter, no beds, no blankets, no pillows, no dishes, no cups, no transportation, no food and no water.? 

 I cannot even imagine. I cannot imagine the fear,  the terror, the feeling that all is lost, the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. Please respond and let them know that we join them in love and prayers and yes monies to help them buy food, water a place to sleep as they rebuild, simple necessities of life. As I told you of the incident in India, the Muslims continued to take advantage of their situation by trying to poison their water stores. Pastor Sam Naik was there to help with that rebuilding of the Happy Valley Children's Home. It was very treacherous.

Evangelist Atif Raza with his father and mother.
How can you help? Send a donation to Pastor Paul at paypal pastorpaulbegley@yahoo.com and label your gift for Pakistan and we will forward it for you. Or send directly to Atif Raza, Lahore, Pakistan via Western Union and send him the MTCN # via a message on his facebook. God will honor your love gifts.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL American Hero

I cannot tell you how my heart sunk when I heard the tragic news of  America's greatest hero and American Sniper, Chris Kyle, being shot in the back at a Texas gun range. Kyle was only 38, his friend Chad Littlefield was only 35. My tears stung my cheeks as I sought God for answers.

Kyle was a native Texan and started his adventures riding horses and being part of the school rodeo team. An accident at the rodeo placed pins in his arm and delayed his entrance into the Navy by three years.

Chief Chris Kyle was part of  SEAL team 3. The insurgents nicked named him al-shaitan or "the devil" and Kyle had a bounty placed on his head. Kyle formed a security company called Craft International. Craft's logo is a skull with a crosshair in the shape of a cross that covers the right eye.
The crosshair was in the shape of cross to symbolize his faith. His T in Craft also has a cross superimposed on it. It is over the right eye of the skull in honor of  SO2 Ryan Job USN (SEAL), who was critically wounded in the right eye and later died of complications.

Chris Kyle was a passionate man,
  • passionate about his family,
  • passionate about hunting,
  • passionate about sports,
  • passionate about the rodeo,
  • passionate about his friends
  • passionate about his fellow servicemen
  • passionate about his country 
  • passionate about providing help to others with PTSD
  • passionate about LIFE

 Already, Kyle had accomplished more than most people in their lifetimes.
  • he served four tours in Iraq
  • received 14 different awards and decorations
  •  including two Silver Stars
  •  five Bronze Stars with Valor
  •  two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals
  • received the Grateful Nation Award, given by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
  • founder of FITCO Cares Foundation
  • shot two times
  • 150 + kills of Iraqi insurgents
  • bestselling author of  American Sniper
Chris Kyle was an American contradiction.
 Thou shalt not kill....... yet Chris admittedly killed 150 insurgents.
Chris proclaimed himself to be a Christian ........ The insurgents called him the devil
Chris understood the movement of a bullet against the wind..... Chris understood the ruler of the wind
Chris was shot twice, involved in 6 IED's........ refused to do the paperwork to accept his purple heart
Chris shed his blood for the life of his friends.........Chris shed the blood of insurgents to save lives
Chris is known for the number of kills....... Chris wants to be known for the number of lives he saved
Chris is criticized for killing insurgents..... Chris believes those kills, saved the lives of soldiers
Chris understood true brotherhood.....Chris' life was taken by a fellow brother.
Chris looked the devil in the eye....... Chris smelled the breath of hell
Blessed be the LORD my strength, who teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight: Ps144:1

Chris was a husband to Taya  Kyle and they have two children.
Pray for Chris' family as they face the future without their loving warrior.
Pray for all the military and their families as they face the worlds fiercest foes, for your freedom.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Tears Stream Down on The Eve of Roe vs Wade

Roe v. Wade - 410 U.S. 113 (1973)

This is the landmark case that gave permission for a nation to terminate some 54.5 million pregnancies since 1973. This is an estimate of about 1.2 million abortions yearly. The official numbers of the CDC are elusive since California, New Hampshire and other states have refused to comply with the reporting guidelines. California is estimated to be responsible for up to 23% of all abortions in the US.

Does it really matter? Isn't this just a clump full of cells?
No! Jeremiah was told that he was chosen from the womb...
Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Je1:5
So God is careful to know every soul being formed within their mother's womb. Yes God knows your name, and has chosen you for a purpose from your mother's womb. He has engraved you upon the palms of his hands God says in Is 49:16 So yes, it does matter!

The amazing and unnerving reality is that Norma McCorvey who was known as Jane Roe has since repented and asked "forgiveness of the millions of women and unborn babies who have experienced the violence of abortion."

Sandra Cano who was known as Doe vs Bolton continues to try to rectify the lies that surrounded her case. She pledges to strive to put an end to abortion. These women came together on March 23, 1997
to sign plaques at the National Memorial for the Unborn in Chattanooga, TN.

Of course there are lots of reasons women make this heart wrenching decision, but regardless of the reason, the reality is that the empty womb goes on to leave a void in her heart forever. No one tells you that. No one tells you about post-abortion syndrome and the feelings that you are sure to encounter. It is estimated that 1 in every 2.5 women have had an abortion.

The tears of these mothers are so bitter. They stream down with the sting of grief and they stain their faces with rivers of love for their unborn child. These tears are seen by our Father and he holds a place of forgiveness for you. 

The children's blood has stained our land and brought a grievous judgement upon us. The blood runs down the steps of the Supreme Court where the sacrifice of the children was originated by a lie. The blood has turned into rivers running through our capitol of Washington, DC and covering our soil from sea to sea. Our land is polluted, our waters are turned to wormwood and the cries of innocents are lifted to the heavens.

Lord as a nation we repent. I ask forgiveness for any mother that has made this decision. I ask forgiveness for any doctor, nurse or technician that has assisted in this bloodshed. I ask forgiveness for lying counselors and twisted teachings. Lord I ask for mercy and for peace upon all who are left to live with the absence of their child. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen