Monday, February 4, 2013

Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL American Hero

I cannot tell you how my heart sunk when I heard the tragic news of  America's greatest hero and American Sniper, Chris Kyle, being shot in the back at a Texas gun range. Kyle was only 38, his friend Chad Littlefield was only 35. My tears stung my cheeks as I sought God for answers.

Kyle was a native Texan and started his adventures riding horses and being part of the school rodeo team. An accident at the rodeo placed pins in his arm and delayed his entrance into the Navy by three years.

Chief Chris Kyle was part of  SEAL team 3. The insurgents nicked named him al-shaitan or "the devil" and Kyle had a bounty placed on his head. Kyle formed a security company called Craft International. Craft's logo is a skull with a crosshair in the shape of a cross that covers the right eye.
The crosshair was in the shape of cross to symbolize his faith. His T in Craft also has a cross superimposed on it. It is over the right eye of the skull in honor of  SO2 Ryan Job USN (SEAL), who was critically wounded in the right eye and later died of complications.

Chris Kyle was a passionate man,
  • passionate about his family,
  • passionate about hunting,
  • passionate about sports,
  • passionate about the rodeo,
  • passionate about his friends
  • passionate about his fellow servicemen
  • passionate about his country 
  • passionate about providing help to others with PTSD
  • passionate about LIFE

 Already, Kyle had accomplished more than most people in their lifetimes.
  • he served four tours in Iraq
  • received 14 different awards and decorations
  •  including two Silver Stars
  •  five Bronze Stars with Valor
  •  two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals
  • received the Grateful Nation Award, given by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
  • founder of FITCO Cares Foundation
  • shot two times
  • 150 + kills of Iraqi insurgents
  • bestselling author of  American Sniper
Chris Kyle was an American contradiction.
 Thou shalt not kill....... yet Chris admittedly killed 150 insurgents.
Chris proclaimed himself to be a Christian ........ The insurgents called him the devil
Chris understood the movement of a bullet against the wind..... Chris understood the ruler of the wind
Chris was shot twice, involved in 6 IED's........ refused to do the paperwork to accept his purple heart
Chris shed his blood for the life of his friends.........Chris shed the blood of insurgents to save lives
Chris is known for the number of kills....... Chris wants to be known for the number of lives he saved
Chris is criticized for killing insurgents..... Chris believes those kills, saved the lives of soldiers
Chris understood true brotherhood.....Chris' life was taken by a fellow brother.
Chris looked the devil in the eye....... Chris smelled the breath of hell
Blessed be the LORD my strength, who teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight: Ps144:1

Chris was a husband to Taya  Kyle and they have two children.
Pray for Chris' family as they face the future without their loving warrior.
Pray for all the military and their families as they face the worlds fiercest foes, for your freedom.