Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pastor Lee's Life Giving Drop Box

As America has come face to face with their brutal reality of the horror of abortion, a Pastor in Seoul South Korea is changing his city's atrocities one little life at a time.

Pastor Lee-Jong rak was faced with his own brutal reality when his son Eun-man was born with a mammoth cyst on his head that had cut off the blood supply and left him severely disabled with cerebral palsy. In a society that still stigmatizes children with disabilities; Lee hid his child from his wife, Chun-ja, for his first month of life. Explaining to his wife that the child was very ill and transported to another hospital, Lee searched his soul and finally turned to God as to what to do. He  decided to fill his son's life with love for the few short months the doctors gave him to live. Now, twenty-seven years later, Lee and his wife care for their son who is body appears "broken" from contractures, needs frequent suctioning from his tracheotomy and is non verbal with only an occasionally sound made.  Their decision to defy the stigma of society is made  public through Eun-man's name which means "full of  God's grace."

As the debate in America rages on of the option of abortion for disabled children, and even more recently the option of euthanasia of handicapped individuals, the work of Pastor Lee in South Korea has saved over three dozen lives. Not only has Pastor Lee gave them the option of life, he has filled their lives with love, compassionately caring for these children as his own.

 Sarah Palin was called "selfish" and criticized for her choice to give a life filled with love to her son Trig who was born with Down's Syndrome, Sarah Palin tells how she called out to God during her pregnancy to "prepare her heart" for what was to come.   Now she proudly proclaims, God knew what he was doing when He blessed us with Trig.  America advocates the abortion of Down's Syndrome children as well as other developmentally disabled conditions. Siting the unaffordable health care costs that are incurred with a special needs child cause an unfair burden on society.

Pastor Lee lessens the burden on society by a simple solution... a baby box. It is a simple box lined with pink and blue blankets and a warming light attached to the outside his church. When someone opens the door to his box, a bell alerts them to the precious deposit made into his drop box. A baby, a baby whose mother has chose to give this baby a chance at life despite it's  special needs. While most babies that Pastor Lee takes in are special needs, some are not, they are simply deposited out of the desperation of a mother who doesn't know where else to turn.

Of course, no good deed can go without persecution. The government has criticized Pastor Lee's solution stating he has no formal training or licensing to run such an orphanage. They have even ordered Pastor Lee to close his drop box accusing Pastor Lee of encouraging parents to abandon their children. Pastor Lee was part of a committee that held a press conference in February of this year stating that a new adoption transparency law in Seoul was actually encouraging an increase in the abandonment of children. This new law requires mothers to register their children. The argument is that these undocumented drop offs of children make a dangerous precedent for those involved in illegal trafficking of children. This being understood, the government's time would be best spent going after the traffickers rather than going after Pastor Lee who is transparent in the love being given to the children that are in his care.

His work is being spotlighted in an award winning documentary"The Drop Box" inspired by a college kid, Brian Ivie, who read about Pastor Lee's work in the LA Times. He contacted Pastor Lee and his life has been forever changed. What a wonderful God we serve, who takes the simple things in life to confound the wise. 1 Co 1:27

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Jer 1:5