Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me.........

I am soooooo excited! Why? My son and his family are coming home to visit! If I can get so excited to see my first born son, how excited does God get when we come back to him?

We do so much all day long without thinking about God, without remembering to thank Him, without remembering from where all our sustenance comes from.

Thankfulness is the initial phase of praise! Ps 100:4 Enter into his gates with thanksgiving....

I have so much to be thankful for, my sons and their families are all healthy and safe.

If you have been keeping up with Melv's son Paul he is recovering quickly now as he is in a rehab hospital in Indianapolis after sustaining a terrible head injury when those terrible storms came through. When they initially picked his broken body up off they road they never thought he would make it to South Bend alive. Now he is joking and laughing with his family as he works on his full healing. Praise God!

I just got done visiting with a minister who has been blessed with a good job after his plant down sized 3 years ago! Praise God

So back to my son coming home... there is a story in the Bible well known to most called the Prodigal Son. In this story a son who asked for his inheritance was given it by his father. He took the inheritance and wasted it and found himself in a terrible mess. He thought about the goodness of his father's home, the comfort and the love that abounded there. He decided to return home. All his father had to do was catch a glimpse of him coming up the road and he met him with new clothing and a beautiful ring to welcome him home.

Are you a prodigal son? Did you once know the love of God but went out and tried to do things on your own and found yourself in a mess? Turn around.... It's as simple as that. Turn around and the love of God is waiting on you to return. It doesn't matter how entangled your life may have gotten, God is there for you! It doesn't matter how hopeless the situation seems, God is there for you!

We are here at Rachel's Heart praying for you! Feel free to write in the comments. We have prayer warriors here for you.

When I was in New York I was so moved by a young woman that I saw sleeping on the thresh hold of a church. It was early in the morning and it appeared she had been there all night. There is a story in the Bible where a young woman crawled to the thresh hold of door where her master was after she had been beaten and abused. She clung to the thresh hold of the door and died. I cannot see anyone reaching for the ark of safety and not getting the help they need in time. My heart goes out to those who are seeking for the safety and peace from an angry world.

We are here for you, write us and we will pray for you. I have a prayer for the lost here as my initial blog. Let us know that you have prayed and returned to your Father's House.

Praying for you,



  1. Hello Heidi, it's really good to hear from you. I've heard so much from your husband and have been blessed by his insight on many occasions. I also have a son in the military. In fact, when he first signed up I was devastated, so I sent a request for prayers from you and your church. God bless you all. I received a response right away and was blessed by it. It was a big help for me, so much that I copied the prayers and gave them to my parents who were also struggling with my son's decision to go into the military. Thank you! I look forward to hearing more from both of you,

    As always, God Bless!

    1. Lisa, Im praying also, God will be there right beside your son and so is our Hearts,thoughts,love

      May God Bless your Family
      Thank you for sharing

  2. Great Lisa, I am so glad that we could help join you in covering your son in prayer!

  3. Wow and with that blog entry, how awesome is it that the tshirt I want is ready to order? What tshirt? Well, back in May, a friend, who was a friend to many many people, died of a heart attack at the age of 35. He was a dorm dad, and a pastor. What a great man of God. His very last status on facebook was Thankful for the day. He posted that at least once a week. He lived through the tornado of Joplin MO just a year before. He had over 4,000 facebook friends. He blessed so many people. A very carrying person, funny, and loved bacon! Ok, sorry about all that, just amazed at how I just bookmarked the page for his tshirt and posted to fb, when I than came to your blog.
    It shows that we are to be thankful. We have so much to live for. I hear people say all the time, I would die for Jesus, well, how about living for Jesus? I am proud to live for Jesus. I am thankful for my life, even tho I wasn't at the beginning of this year. I was lost. I am thankful for that day that Pastor Jeff posted your husband on FB saying he was going to be in Decatur. That was the beginning of me coming back to JESUS! What a difference 7 months make. I am so thankful that Jesus welcomed me back! I am so thankful that I no longer want to die. I am so thankful I want to live for HIM and work for HIM. I am so thankful that because of the daily broadcasts and now your blog, and many other people that have been there for me, I am not being a witness to others, not just on Facebook, but at work! I will not be afraid anymore. I am alive and well only because of the blood of Jesus and HIS righteous and HIS sheep that have brought me back.

    1. oops, I am being a witness, messed up that part.
      Wade's shirts can also be found at

    2. Welcome Back Pam! we give God the Glory for the things he has done, May God Continue to Bless you in Jesus Name