Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ps 91:10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

The Hantavirus causes two deaths and two others contracted the disease which led to the CDC issuing a warning to 1700 people that they may have come in contact with this potentially deadly disease. This form of the virus affects the respiratory system but there is a much more menacing form of the virus that cause internal bleeding. This is spread by rodents, in particular the deer mouse.

1,590 people have contracted the West Nile virus and 66 people have died. Texas is being hit hard this year but I remember the first couple years that the West Nile virus appeared, there were several cases in KY. I took care of a couple of patients that had contracted West Nile. One beautiful elderly lady died rather quickly. Another middle age man became completely confused and unable to care for himself. It was quite scary to think a mosquito bite could cause such a serious disease.

H1N1 has mutated into H3N2 this year and so far 153 people have become ill with this form of pig flu. When H1N1 first came out a beautiful little girl in our church came down with it and was quickly quarantined into the ICU where not only she, but then her mother teetered between life and death with this flu. When I worked in the hospital people would come in a get ill suddenly! Again it was quite a scary disease.  The mother in our church, Judy, would declare that her daughter was healed in the name of Jesus and in a week they were out of ICU and back in church.

The flu season is suppose to be earlier this year and seems like every year gets more virulent. So what are we to do?  Of course we do all the common sense things, wash our hands, sneeze into your sleeve, stay home if you are ill, but we come in contact with germs daily. Deadly germs that are all around us. As a nurse I work with all kinds of deadly diseases.

That is why we claim the blood of Jesus for our healing. Once I became very ill, I was running a fever and was in the bed for three days. That is when we had an apartment in the converted school building that we made into a church. A service was going on down the hall way and I was drawn by the Spirit of God. I went into the sanctuary and straight up to the altar to be anointed. I immediately had a vision of the Lord. It was Jesus with the stripes on his back. As the blood ran down I saw the names of diseases flowing down these stripes as they were flowing like 39 rivers of blood. Every disease known and unknown to man was flowing down these rivers of blood. It was such an amazing vision and it built my faith in healing. I think of it often.

So do the common sense physical things, keep your hand sanitizer with you, eat right, sleep well, drink your orange juice, but then cover yourself and your family with prayer.

 In Jesus Name we pray for you all,



  1. Thank you Jesus for your protecting us under your Blood for what the devil meant for harm God can turn it around for Good so that we can glorify God which is heaven.

    I’m truly Bless by your Blog the Blessing of God is with you always Thank you

  2. Just an update to this blog the CDC now states their have been over 10,000 exposed to the hantavirus.