Sunday, August 26, 2012

Prayer for the Lost

Father God,

We cry out to you from the depths of our hearts. There are so many lost and so many hurting people. So many souls that cling to the threshold of the church, knowing that help lies just inside but too weak to reach out.

 Father we pray that right now if they find this blog, this prayer that they reach out to you. We pray that this can be a well spring of hope in their day. We pray that this is a place to pour out our hearts as the Holy Spirit sweeps in to bind up the broken hearted.

Father we pray the sinners prayer with all that may enter here:

Father I have sought for you with my whole heart.
I lay my life, my heart, my soul before you.
Father forgive me of my sins,
Wash me with the blood of Jesus,
I confess that Jesus is Lord.
I declare my intentions to live for Jesus.

I praise you for a God that hears my prayers.
I praise you for a God that knows my needs.
I praise you for a God that saves!

I thank you that you are making me a new creature.
I thank you for the saving blood of Jesus.
I thank you that I am saved by grace.
I thank you that you accept me as I am.

In Jesus Name I pray



  1. A very anointed prayer. Blessings to you an your Husband an the ministry and family.

    Mike Bradford (Revival Fire)

  2. May God Hear the Cry of the righteous; for we are the interceders for the unbelievers Salvation may come to all that Cry out for Jesus for Salvation, Amen Amen.

    Praying for Heidi and Pastor Paul Always

  3. Amen! And may God always bless you Heidi and your wonderful husband Paul for all the hard work and dedication you both put into helping all of us receive salvation! Pamela

  4. Amen, I am British and my youngest daughter has been working in the US this summer as a camp counsellor. She us currently in Miami, Florida with Aussie, NZ and British friends and quite anxious about the storm. I said I would pray for them all.

    Whilst interceding this morning the Lord gave me Mark 4 v 39 'Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm....'

    I am glad to say they have been untouched. PTL. These international youngsters are certainly getting a taste of Yaweh's judgement on your nation. Last week her camp was hit by a fierce electric storm in Massachusetts, she told us she has never been so frightened in all her life. The large tree by her accommodation should have fallen and hit her cabin but it didn't. However a young Australian did fall 8 feet from a rope climbing course. She broke her pelvis, some vertebrae and sternum.

    A group of international intercessors have prayed for her and she is miraculously recovering..

    I pray daily for my daughter......i believe she will come back to the Lord because she is seeing with her eyes the outworking of intercessory prayer directed at all that is happening in the US this summer.....

  5. Amen sister we will agree in prayer for the salvation of your daughter.

  6. Heidi, nice blog! I've been trying to reach you. I built a new site for and I was wondering if you got my messages? You can look at the site here.

    I can make changes if you want but I felt prompted to help. My trade is internet marketing and I put some really awesome stuff into it to help people navigate easier.

  7. Thanks Heidi. The Lord gave me a dream last night, must have been when you wrote the blog entry. I saw the belly of a large fish. This morning He took me to Matthew 12 and the sign of the prophet Jonah. His life was miraculously saved and this was proof to the unbelieving Ninevites that God had intervened.

    Like the Queen of the south my daughter, Imogen has travelled far to hear wisdom. In the name of Yeshua Hamashiach may the EndTime signs around her, the miraculous healing of a friend and the calming of the seas prove to her that she can no longer despise and reject Yaweh. May she and her generation fully embrace Him not partially. May she know that the one greater than Solomon is here. Elohim the strong one.

    Numbers 6 24 - 26 to you and your family.......


  8. How nice,the softer side of Paul!. Behind every great man is a wonderful woman.Can't wait to read your book about your Father and how you found him. It is truly God's love that works through you and Paul for the people and God which has made this ministry what it is and will become. First time I heard Paul,I felt God had a great ministry in the end times for him and that it has to grow so much larger and millions will be saved.I see that happenening soon. God bless you both, Brother Jim