Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks, An Attitude of Gratitude

Laura's story behind the song blessings is amazing. She talks about the process of praying for a miracle for her husband that was diagnosed with a brain tumor and the answers not always coming out the way they expected or wanted. This song was birthed out of the many trials they have endured on their journey through this.  This is especially touching as this is the first Thanksgiving we will be without our beloved brother -in -law Steve Chaffins. Many of you helped with financial support when he went to MD Houston but he lost the fight to leukemia on Jan 29th this year, but gained his home in heaven. It still makes it hard for his family left behind, especially his wife Marcie and his children.
So while you are praying today, please say a special prayer for their comfort during this time.


 Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. Ps 100.4

 I am so excited today! I absolutely love turkey! and I will try my best to stay away from the stuffing! I am spending today at my sister's house. My mother and adoptive father will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary today as well. My family will be there and the weather is suppose to be good!
  There is so much for me to be thankful for so bear with me as I share a few grateful fors!

I am grateful for:
  •  Cease fire in Israel Ps 122:6
  • My family is all healthy Ps 91:10
  • The military and military families in service for us. Ps 144:1
  • God has supplied all my needs Ph 4:19
  • My precious pastor Manuel Spencer who is seated in heaven showed me salvation. I Co15:11
  • The multiple salvations we have seen this year. Acts 2:47
You hear a lot in the self help world about being grateful, having a journal of what you are grateful for, having an attitude of gratitude. That is all true, but hopefully we can see from above that it is true because they are using a Biblical principle. Not only is an attitude of gratitude a Christian virtue there is even a thanksgiving offering   that was established in Lev 7:12-15.

In America we have so much to be thankful for just by virtue of where God has placed us. We do have all our needs available to us, we do have religious freedoms, we do have freedom of speech and despite it all we do have a secure and operative government that we are instructed to pray for daily.

Yes I know there is poverty here, I have been well acquainted with the homeless population and there is always more works of compassion to be done, but at the end of the day we can raise our hands to the Lord and say we are blessed and thank God for all our blessings.

So give a few more hugs today, look around and know that you are blessed, if you are able to help serve others today thank God for that ability, if you have breath in your body, Thank God!

Yes you are blessed, Yes I am blessed and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

 the sounds of joy and gladness, the voices of bride and bridegroom, and the voices of those who bring thank offerings to the house of the LORD, saying, "Give thanks to the LORD Almighty, for the LORD is good; his love endures forever." For I will restore the fortunes of the land as they were before,' says the LORD. Jer 33:11


  1. AMEN SISTER HEIDI!! You couldn't have said everything any better. May you have a Blessed Thanksgiving and Pastor Paul, too. The video was very nice and the story and it does make you sit back and realize not to take life for granted. Thank you for your stories, they are refreshing and inspiring!! We are Grateful for Pastor Paul's Ministry and your Blog here!! God Bless to You and Pastor Paul and all of your Family, AMEN!! Sister Brenda and Brother Bill, from Broadalbin, UpState NY

    1. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving
      Love you all

  2. Oh Give Thanks unto the Lord let us exalt his name forever! I’m especially excited on today as we enter in the season of thanksgiving, Praises and Worship I have so much to be thankful of, I’m thankful for every little thing that so many others take for granted,having peace of mind(most important thing of all!)you wouldn't believe how many don’t.

    I Pray: our father God in your son name Christ Jesus we ask that you give everyone peace of mind. As the season of your son Jesus will be celebrated starting today.Jesus you are the reason of this season, We bind every unthankful thought, depression,loneliness,selfish spirit, WE REBUKE IT RIGHT NOW! In Jesus name DEVIL TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF the minds of these people I bind every suicide spirit we cast it under the blood of Jesus, we call out everything that not like Christ and replace it with a sweet Holy Spirit,let it be a Holy Anointing flow through our body and mind (Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Isa. 26:3) I hold you at your word I praise you for who you are, their none other besides you I worship you, for it’s done RIGHT NOW! We send special prayers for Steve Chaffins Family comfort them with Peace and understanding in Jesus name Amen.

    Every day is a day of thanksgiving tell everyone that Jesus loves them today as family visit/call.

    Blessings to your family Heidi love you so much ♥