Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 A Rememberance

As you know we visited Ground Zero when we went to New York City. It was an overwhelmng place filled with mixed emotions, foreboding and dread, was the obvious emotion as you stood in line not knowing what to expect. But then the vendors made a cheap attempt to turn this time of reflection into a time of prosperity for themselves. It was really sickening. It was a time for retrospection and a time for sending up prayers. A time to consider the widows, orphans, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers all left behind. Yet you would be jolted out of silent prayer to be herded up down the sidewalk.
Love was lost, someoone's parent will never give them another good night hug. Some would never look into their mothers eyes, their brothers' eyes, their lovers eyes. Lonliness and desolation swept across a nation.
Where were you when it happened? I remember that I was a sleep in my bed after working a midnight shift. My middle son Bart shook me out of my sleep, "Mom a plane w just went truough the World Trade Center.
I was shocked and I awoke just in time to turn around and see  the the second plane burst through the second World Trade Center. My heart sunk in my chest and I realized that we war! We watched and we had difficulty processing what we were seeing, we watched we prayed as we saw the buildings disintegrate to dust. How could this be?
The next few days were an eerie silence as planes sat still in the runways and tears fell around the world. Now, 11 years later we sit silent and listen as the names are read yet again and the tears continue to stream down our cheeks.
We cry for America, we cry for our peace, we cry for our service men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, we cry for the vanishing pools that stood where towers soared, we still weep and we still pray.


  1. Sept. 11, 2001
    I remember all so well, I took 2 of my Children to school that morning my 2 yr old and my Arms, stopping at the Market ,to hear what has Happened “there were Suicides?” As I finished went home turn on the TV my heart literally stopped. The whole day into the night stay glued to the TV.

    As we reflect back on that day some hold anger, revenge but yet we still fail to seek God it’s been 11yrs as the days go on we should reflect on what’s ahead also for us our future, our creator (God Almighty)

    In my Prayers daily, “God you’re our only Help” without you God we’re nothing my prayers go up to all the Families that are affected, know that God is still in control, may God Bless USA, military that is still fighting and Bless this world Amen.

    Bless you Heidi we love you dearly,

  2. For me that day will never go from my mind's eye. I see it clearly.

    I was cleaning and my sister-in-law called and frantically told me what happened.
    I switched on the TV and watched long enough to see the second plane come into the building.

    I thought of all the people gone in an instant at the same time memories of going to the top of the towers flooded my mind.
    Then I remembered how whenever we drove on Route 3 in north Jersey my dad would point to the towers as they climbed higher in the sky.

    The memories that hurt my heart most was seeing the people hanging out the windows. I kept thinking that they just got up that morning and went to work. They expected to go home and have dinner, and be with their families. In an instant,those in the plane, gone, in an instant people, hanging onto a building in terror.

    Having been in those buildings several times I just kept shuddering, and crying,
    thinking about the fear they must have felt.

    When I was there, I would put my head on the glass, even fearful to do this and look down. It was awesome and fearful. I remember telling my brother that this building was too high. I thought too about when getting out from the elevator you could actually feel the building sway some.
    Thinking of this made me cry for these that had to have that fear a million times what I felt from safe inside, so so long ago.

    We have not changed our ways in this country. We continue to sin, and now this country has corporate sin by our government, with endorsing gay marriage, murdering babies in the womb, fetal stem cell research and on and on.

    Before I knew the Lord, I would be concerned for our economy, and what leaders would do to help it.
    Now I vote for the man that most reflects God's principles.
    I know that if we just turn from this sinful state, He will heal this land.

    I post this following Scripture with every post on my Facebook that involves disaster, financial crisis, or moral depravity. It is in my mind, the key to healing America and making evil remain in the pit it came from.

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

    God bless you Heidi, you, and Pastor Paul, and all your family.