Monday, September 10, 2012

Cast your Cares on Him

September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day! Really? Why would we ever need such a day? The harsh reality is that many people are touched by suicide and many more are touched by the darkness of depression.

Most people have "down" days, "blue" days whatever you want to call it. Very rarely do you find a person that is happy all the time. Usually you take those feelings and rationalize them. What is making me unhappy? What do I need to do to change that? What is the first step, second... etc? What is my ultimate goal? Right, goal setting.

At times though, we start running on empty and simple things can become overwhelming. How can I get the house clean, how can I get the bills paid, how do I spread enough time around to all my family members? This kind of bombardment of stressors over times takes and nothing is refilling. Next thing you know your exhausted but can't sleep, restless but can't prioritze your tasks, anxious and you don't even know why! This are some classic signs of depression. These are warning signs!

This is the time to be careful of your choices. Your choices will determine if you move forward, stay stuck or slide deeper into depression. First thing is realizing you have a choice. YES you do! God designed us all with free will, remember. One of the deceptions of depression is that you are unable to change anything.

Depression is a deceptive trick of the devil. It's ultimate goal is to have you destroy your own body which God has given you to be a temple of the Holy Spirit. Can Chirstians become depressed? Absolutely, but you have been given the tools to stop the assignment of enemy.

There are several scriptures you can start posting to remind you, Ps 37:7 & 8 remind you not to fret. Ps 55:22 and I Pe 5:7 Cast your cares on the Lord. There are lots of scriptures.

Don't forget to repeat your affirmations of what the blood of Jesus has done for you!

You are made in the image of God!
You are a child of the king!
You have been bought with a price!
You are an heir of the kingdom of God!

Don't forget the prayers,

Father God touch me right now! Fill me with your Holy Spirit!

 Take this spirit of heaviness from me and fill me with your Joy.
Help me to cast my cares on you, give me peace about this.

Calm me with your Presence and allow me to feel your Love.
Wipe away the tears I shed and the tears that I withhold.

Search my heart and remove unforgiveness and bitterness and replace
it with love and peace and forgiveness.

Take me in your arms and keep me safe and secure.
As I cry out Abba Father and you comfort me as your child,

I thank you for your love, your encouragement and your peace.
I am strengthened by the joy of the Lord!
I am comforted and I am at peace.

In Jesus Name I pray,



  1. As we approach the 9/11 spirit of Depression will come around many will ask why and question God for the lost of their love ones the devil will trick the mind “God allow bad things to happened" remember the devil comes to kill, I placed the Blood of Jesus over our mind in Jesus Name, every time I think about this Scripture I Praise, Cry unto Jesus ‘’Thank You’’

    And the lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desire to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:
    But I prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren
    Luke 22:21-32

    I know even Now Jesus is Praying for us with God the Father
    I’m praying for you Heidi and Pastor Paul and I cover you and the Family under the Blood of Jesus