Monday, September 24, 2012

Abortion.........our Heart Cries Out

Abortion is the greatest delusion to ever hit mankind.
The argument that an unborn child is not a life and therefore disposable is a lie.
As mother after mother believes these lies, and doctors and nurses snuff out these lives without any remorse of conscious, the blood of the unborn cry out before God.

Unfortunately, after almost 40 years, our young women of child bearing age have come to believe this lie. 40 years of propaganda by politicians, media, women's rights groups, planned parenthood, drug companies and population control freaks have made abortion an acceptable option.

The peer pressure has shifted and now you are considered irresponsible if you bring a child into this world before you finish your education. I know, I have talked to several young ladies. I was actually shocked one night as I sat at work with several young college girls and all but one had already had an abortion.

The conversation came up because I was working in the hospital with a suicidal young lady who was grieving from having an abortion. She was suffering from post-abortion syndrome. No one told her that 80% of all young women who have an abortion will suffer from depression. As she struggled with her emotions, her values, her religious beliefs and the choices she made, she became overwhelmed, and felt that all was lost. She felt she had no hope, no where to turn and no one to talk to.

All the more reason 14 year old young women have no business taking a morning after pill without their parents permission. Where is their support group? How is their mother suppose to know how to console her daughter? Why shouldn't her mother be able to help her sort through this decision.

So is this really about women's right to do what they want with their body? No! This has a much more sinister motive. The population can be controlled, the schools teen pregnancy statistics go down, the drug company can sell it's drug and a young woman can commit the murder of her own child in an acceptable and even expected manner. For women to be able to exercise their rights they need to have the truth represented to them so they can make informed decisions.

It is not only a temporary sadness. I also took care of a woman in her late thirties that became suicidal on what would have been an 18th birthday of her unborn child. 18 years later, this woman did not have closure, who could she turn to?

So what do you do if you find yourself in this situation? There are all kinds of reasons you would contemplate abortion,being a teenager, career plans, money, husband or boyfriend pressure, fear of parents, or God forbid a young girl is the victim of a rapist or a family pedophile.

First thing is, get information from lots of different sources. Find a woman mentor, if you don't have a mom or a mom you can confide in, try your pastor's wife, the grandmother in the pew a woman of a good repute, that can give you wisdom.

Adoption is always an option, but it also carries with it emotional repercussions. 

The greatest thing you can do for a young woman who is faced with this is offer her support and love.
Know that these decisions come with a price and we are placed on this earth to love, not to judge. We in no way condone abortion, but so many women sit in the pews with an unspeakable secret, that I felt we need to address those that have had an abortion.

If you have had an abortion the best resource that I have found is in Chattanooga, TN where there is a National Memorial to the Unborn They do a very good job of the steps of healing that are needed after having an abortion.
Know that God is with you and never turns his back on you. God hears you and can heal your heart. Feel free to ask for prayer.

Love and hugs to you all.



  1. HI Heidi... This is a great post! IN my family .. there have been several women... who have had abortions.. I just recently found out another one has been a victim of this tragedy!... There is a spirit of Abortion that I have commented to a family member that WE NEED TO CUT AT THE ROOT In our family. We have to break this spirit and send it to the cross, so that not another unborn family member does not become a victim of this horrible death. I have family members who block me because of my belief ... but I have promised myself I will constantly fight for the rights of the unborn...

    The devil is a great liar... first he says You don't need this inconvenience... then after the deed has been done... Lets GUILT and shame come into your soul. Don't believe it... GOD WILL SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS.. NO MATTER WHAT

    Michelle L Davis
    (Gilbert Matthews is my husbands' handle for his online radio show)

  2. I pray for everyone that had an a abortion the pain and the guilt that goes with it for years, God is a forgiving God,we have to ask him for forgiveness never do it again, tell our sister that God is not for abortion and the devil only kills we all know someone that had an abortion. We can Mentor a young lady (if you made the same mistake) she don't have to do it also, pray and tell her about the love of Christ that he died for us because of love.

    a lot of ladies feel lost, the boyfriend also tells her he will not be there to help with the Child it hurts, the only thing a young lady feel is abortion is the answer to make a clean slat, it's a lot for a young lady, I'm sad that the world, friends, some family embrace it. someone has to cry out for our unborn
    betrayed by her boy friend, I pray for our young sisters and I will always mentor them.